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29 June 2010

Study Music.

Today's addition to the study soundtrack:  Clair de Lune

Art + Fashion!

Italian Architect Gaetano Pesce has created these shoes for the Brazilian brand, Melissa.

The Coolest thing about these seemingly henious pebble shoes is that you can cut away at the "pebbles" of the bootie to create anything you can possible dream of: flats, peep-toe flats, peep-toe boots, sandals, mary janes... and the list goes on with creativity.  
Apparently the entire Melissa brand is built on plastic shoes and famous collaborations (the Vivienne Westwood like is super-whimsy and fun).  Delightful for the vegan-fashionista in all of us.  Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a pair of these stateside or some of the others of the line:

Like these Melissa + Campana, or 

these Melissa + Vivienne Westwood

28 June 2010

Study Music.

As the bar frantically approaches, I find myself searching for the perfect study soundtrack.
I have decided that track One shall be Bolero- See the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performing the second half(ish) below:

24 June 2010

New Look

I think I know what those kids who wore all black in high school felt like.  They just didn't want to look like everyone else.  I moved back to North Texas 5 weeks ago.  I was sailing on the elation of my graduation.  My hair was bouncy, blonde, and everything a Texas girl strives for.  I delighted in wearing cutesy dresses, pearls and flats.
Fast Forward 5 weeks.  I just dyed my hair dark brown two days ago to stand out from the hoards of Dallas blondes in barbri.  If my Ohio friends would have seen my outfit today, they would have been shocked.  I don't know if it's the bar exam review or the North Texas culture shock that has me running so frantically from prep to hipster.  Maybe (hopefully) it will all level out again.  On that slightly soul baring note concerning the evolution of my personal style, I am drawn to look for new pieces and accessories for my look.  Some basics I'm already sporting are:
J. Crew's vintage slim jeans (but in a darker wash, obvs)
Dior's Creme de Gloss (in red, to off-set the dark hair) oversized T from this place

and my dad's vintage wayfarers.
Some pieces I'd like to add to the collection:

Alexander McQueen (may he rest in peace) Silk Skull Scarf

22 June 2010

making it a job to get a job...

The Times published an article yesterday called, 'In Law Schools, Grades Go Up, Just Like That".  It chronicles to a tee the games schools play so that more of their students will get jobs post-law school.  I found particularly entertaining (and sickening) SMU's practice of paying Dallas firms to hire their students.  Perhaps this is why certain law firms are not hiring any 3Ls who are not from SMU.  
Law Schools are now engaged in a frightful race-to-the-top make their students look more attractive.  Will Loyola Law School's students look more attractive to employers after this?  I doubt it.  The article does point out that some firms follow Above the Law's reports on schools changing grading system and take that into affect when hiring... but some do not.  
The hope for those still in law school (especially with the traditional grading curve) seems to remain in Journal activity and Moot Court teams.  Firms say that they can usually tell a student's rank based on these factors without even looking at a G.P.A. Some other highlights from the article appear below:

"In the last two years, at least 10 law schools have deliberately changed their grading systems to make them more lenient. These include law schools like New York University and Georgetown, as well as Golden Gate University and Tulane University, which just announced the change this month." 

A Dallas family law firm will receive $3,500 to “test drive” him this August.

"It is unclear whether grade inflation is particularly effective at helping students get jobs, especially because many large firms adjust their expectations accordingly."

"These moves can create a vicious cycle like that seen in chief executive pay: if every school in the bottom half of the distribution raises its marks to enter the top half of the distribution, or even just to become average, the average creeps up. This puts pressure on schools to keep raising their grades further."

21 June 2010

Tardy Glee Post

Study Break.  I cannot express how much I loved the Glee finale!  I'm super sad that they didn't win, but super happy about the buildup (or should I say Journey) to Regionals Next year!  I loved the Journey Medley and think that the version of 'Don't Stop Believing' was infinitely better on the finale than on the first show (mostly because someone other than Fin and Rachel were highlighted).  I cannot wait for more Puck, Santana, Rachel, Fin, Artie, Quinn, Mr. Schuester, Mercedes, and mostly Kurt and Sue Sylvester next Season!
Enjoy the Season Finale show-stopper Medley below (which was way far better than Vocal Adrenaline's!)

Fathers' Day

At the Emerson Haus, we spent Father's day enjoying the DSM production of Wicked.  It was a really good cast and we had a wonderful time.  Until next year, Happy Fathers' Day, Dad!  We Love you!

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again. ~Enid Bagnold

On the Lookout.

I am dying for a French Bergère chair (or a french-inspired armchair).  I need a comfy desk/side chair for the room.  I am thoroughly convinced that a chair like this will infinitely help my bar exam score (or, at least that's what I tell myself as I endlessly peruse for one).  I am also absolutely up for my first re-upholstery project if need be.  I've been swooning over these and other variations on the chair.

I LOVE the bright and white of this one- maybe not orange, but pink

From Flickr- A little over the top- from a Paris Flea Market.  I loveth it

I'm loving these chairs upholstered in linen with bright colors

This and others found at 

antiqued "zebra chair" from Neiman Marcus

"Cottage Grove" Chair from Neiman Marcus

"Simone" Frame Chair- Neiman Marcus

On My Swoonfest

Today on Gilt (I encourage you all to become a free member) there is a Marc Jacobs Collection Handbags Sale.
I wish I had a Job.

Robert Jennifer


I'm also loving the Iittala Sale:

Esspresso Cup and Saucer

Dinner Plate

Salad Plate

Fave Summer Meal

Happy Monday!  This is my first recipe on the blog.  For some reason, as I study property, all I can think about is this meal.  It's inspired by my good friend, Mr. Minue and another recipe by Ms. Stewart.  This is, hands down, one of my favorite, easiest summer meals to make:
Put all of the following in a baking dish:
Use either a cut-up whole chicken or your favorite bone-in, skin-on parts 
fingerling potatoes, new potatoes, or Yukon golds
baby carrots,
purple onion
4 cloves of garlic (or to taste)
Drizzle Olive Oil over the whole thing, put lemon slices and fresh thyme on top, and season with course ground pepper and course ground salt.
Bake at 350, uncovered for about an hour, or until chicken is donezo. 

Simple. Easy. Healthy. Delicious.

15 June 2010

Pause for Thoughts

"...nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."
At least two executions are scheduled in America this week.  One in Texas and one in Utah.  
In Utah, they're planning to execute Mr. Ronnie Lee Gardner by firing squad.  Yes, you read that correctly, firing squad.  CNN tells us that "the marksmen fire from a distance of 25 feet.  The inmate is blindfolded and strapped to a chair with a target pinned to his chest."  Scarily, Mr. Gardner would not be the first to be executed in Utah using this method.  Read the story here.  As it stands, Utah courts have said that Mr. Gardner is too late with his appeals and have refused to commune his sentence.  His last hopes now remain with the Supreme Court.
In Texas, Mr. David Powell is set for execution by lethal ejection today, June 15th.  He has been on death row since 1978 for murdering a police officer at a traffic stop.  (Info from here).  Since 1978 he has been sentenced to death THREE different times (due to appeals, remands, and overturning of sentences).  His latest appeals have highlighted how Mr. Powell has been a "model prisoner" on death row and that he is no longer a threat to society.  News reports (of varying different tones) can be found in the Dallas Morning News and the Austin American Statesman.  For Mr. Powell as well, the Supreme Court is his last hope.
As I often ask myself, I think we must all ask now "are these pictures and stories of a system that works?"

14 June 2010

I'm Obsessed

...with a new line of luxury linens!  This past weekend, I got this duvet on SUPER sale (pics to be posted shortly of the new digs with my new roommates, to whom I oft colloquially refer to as "mom" and "dad")
My duvet is no longer in production (which is why I was able to get it for a great steal, but you can find it on ebay: Search 'Sferra 1891 Palm Beach Posy').  I am now OBSESSED with the line 1891 by Sferra linens as well as the whole Sferra line.  The website describes this line off the main Sferra linens line as: 
The quilts and duvets and sheets have all the patterns I have previously dreamed up in my head available in REAL LIFE.  Sadly though, my current budget (and lack of a job) does not allow for the prices of these linens, but that doesn't keep me from perusing through the site for great things like this:

Francesca Sheets
Port O'Call Quilts

Ombre Throw by Kelly Wearstler for Sferra
P.S. Another great site for amazing luxury linens (and a Texas-based Co. at that) is Peacock Alley.  Because everyone needs a little luxe... even in his or her linens!

Why I Love my Dad:

Herb is awesome. Weekend Quote of Note:

"Pineapple, the other yellow sugarfruit"

13 June 2010

My Favorite Summer Shirt.

This Fashion Sunday post is dedicated to my absolute favorite shirt.  Thank you, American Apparel for the unisex Oxford Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt.  Fun for boys and girls.
And sorry, blog-readers for the short post... I'm trying to learn wills and secured transactions.  Obvi, I'd rather be shopping.

10 June 2010


I miss this view from my London walks to school:
But, I love being able to re-create the walk via Google Maps :)

Not Just for Hippies.

The New York Times has just reduced to writing a belief I have held near and dear to my heart for the past 5 years: 
Birkenstocks are NOT just for Hippies (or lesbians).
In this article, Guy Trebay looks at all the ways these wonderful shoes can be worn and all the different kinds of people that wear them.  Characteristically worn by those who oft prefer to hug trees and drive volvos, Trebay tells us that Birkenstocks are now being worn by NYC fashionistas and many male celebrities.
Pause for Hooray!
Better yet, after Birkenstock execs saw that their shoes were gracing these kinds of feet, they got inspired to design:
“It was never a goal of ours at Birkenstock to be fashionable with capital F,” said Shelly Glasgow, the director of product development for Birkenstock USA. “But when we saw pictures of male celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Usher wearing Birkenstock products that we hadn’t in any way placed with them, we didn’t want to let that go.” And thus the company decided to raise the ante on design."

I've owned this pair since my romp in London and even though some friends, and others who had been a bit late on the fashion train, constantly mocked my wearing these shoes, I still wore them with a deep affection for their undeniable and classic style.
Visit the Birkenstock Website for more styles.  I think that these may be my next sandal purchase (Patent Black Sydney)

Thank you, New York Times, for bringing light to these sandals that every boy and girl should own!

09 June 2010


....AND second post today.
Who doesn't love a good sale.  While my mother and I have exceedingly different meanings of the word "sale;" for me, any discount is something to be celebrated.  When I saw, therefore, that net-a-porter was having an end-of-the-season sale, I quickly scrapped my idea for a second blog post based solely on my absolute and deeply-seated hatred for plastic flip-flops for a blog post that would highlight the best of the best of this sale.  (note: many of the bags featured in my "tote post" a few days ago are on sale!)
First things first: the LINK for the sale items.
Secondly: A few of the amazing bags and accessories that are on sale:
Emilo Pucci Bean-Shaped Clutch!
Maison Martin Margiela Large Canvas Hold all: (The rest of the outfit is pretty amazing, too: Here are the editor's notes: Maison Martin Margiela's large light-gray canvas holdall is a chic and practical choice for weekends away. Wear it with off-duty casual separates to travel in style. Shown here with Vince pantsT by Alexander Wang topProenza Schouler blazer,A.P.C. shoes and a Burberry scarf)

Fendi Twins Woven Raffia Shopper: V. Cute Summer Bag that also has a quite-perfect air of professional. 

Retrosun's Vintage Paloma Picasso Sunglasses. 

Oscar de la Renta Beaded, Flowered Headband! So perfectly cute and on SALE!
Enjoy this little taste of and all of Net-a-Porter's Sale!

Summer Reading

As one who is new to the commuting life, I am slowly finding my daily travel routine.  Initially, I was going to include barbri practice questions during my to and fro, but quickly learned that I lack the requisite concentration.  Thankfully, I have a stack of books I've been meaning to read for quite some time and I have found that they fill the time quite efficiently and wonderfully.

Last week I started the recently-published Scalia biography by Joan Biskupic.  It is phenomenal and absolutely fabulous.  Whereas "celebrity" biographies can be either hit or miss (but rarely hits) this one is thoroughly entertaining.  I am slightly convinced that this has nothing to do with Ms. Biskupic's writing (although fine), but everything to do with the person that Associate Justice Antonin Scalia is.  I am only 100 pages in, but am already so enlightened as to why Scalia is such a larger-than life figure and why he has decided some cases the way he has decided them.
Bottom Line: it's a great read that I encourage you all to buy!

05 June 2010


Confession: One of the things that drew me to the legal profession was the attire.  I admit it: I love suits.  I'm a suit-a-holic.  I crave an amazingly tailored women's suit.  I can't walk past Brooks Brothers without getting a little excited.  I just read this article at about Victoria Beckham adding "tailoring" to her fashion line and got inordinately happy.  Here are some highlights from the article:

Lately Victoria Beckham has traded her favorite day dresses in for tailored suits on the red carpet, and now we’ve got the inside scoop on why:  “I’ve started a capsule collection of tailoring."

“Coming from London, I looked at Savile Row with stars in my eyes. And so I worked with a men’s tailor in Savile Row.  [Tailoring] is about structure, getting the right shoulder and right waist. Everything is handmade and super flattering. It’s been a tricky thing to do, but a lot of fun.”

I'm sure that I won't be purchasing one of Ms. Beckham's suits, BUT I can't wait to see what she does with the classic lines and tailoring of women's suiting!