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19 May 2011

Civil Wars.

No, not this kind:
and not the kind that happen because of this guy:

I'm talking about the ever-delightful band behind the studio album, Barton Hollow.  Comprised of Joy Williams and John Paul White, it's an indie folk band I can't get enough of. Seriously, on repeat drive to and from work.
'Poison and Wine' is the song currently (and happily) stuck in my head.

P.S. Can we also talk about how much I love the decor in the Music Video House?

18 May 2011


I am (likely) supporting Obama in 2012.
...and not just because this "Made in the USA/Birth Certificate" Mug is awesome.
But, it is.

17 May 2011

Guest of the Wedding Dresses

Summer is undeniably the time for weddings.  Not for this blogger, but most certainly for this blogger's dear friends and family.  Nordstrom has made me very happy with this link, a whole trove of dresses particularly suited for the "Guest of the Wedding," i.e., me (and maybe you).  (p.s. is it just me, or do I seem to be using more adverbs than usual? hmmm...) While there are some dresses on the Nordstrom site that might fly (sadly, there are many dresses on the link that are so inappropriate for weddings that I could write a whole other post about "what not to wear from the Nordstrom 'guest of the wedding' site to a wedding), I'm shopping all over the web to find darling and elegant dresses to wear to this summer's (and next spring) weddings.  I must say, if I'm having this much fun picking out dresses to wear as a guest to the wedding, I can't even imagine the excitement of picking out the perfect white suit to wear on my lunch-break J.O.P. wedding.  For real, ya'll.
From J.Crew; Cotton Taffeta Gabby Dress. I Love Navy. It is the new black. Seriously, you just read a factual statement there. I love it with gold and with silver. Perf. $225
(Dear Kendal, If you read my blog, I'd like this to be my bridesmaid dress - no pressure, but cute, right?)
Alice + Olivia Bree tie-dye dress; $495
A little more casual, but depending on the wedding it could totally fly... right into my closet.
Also loving this Blakely dress from the Crew, too. $235
I really think this is an elegant color. And I'm LOVING the ruffles.
I'm not actually sure if you can wear caftans to weddings. 
But, if you can, I'd wear this one by Temperley London; $1620

I adore (read ADORE) the Herve Leger Bandage Dress; $1450
I also adore this color; although there are tons of other great colors.
OK, so Maybe not actually "wedding guest" appropriate. But I really REALLY like this - depending on who your friends are, I think someone could totally get away with this.
Stella McCartney Backless Tuxedo Dress; $1285
Thread Social Embroidered silk one-shoulder dress; $695
J.Crew Alexis lace-trimmed silk dress; $200

11 May 2011

Travel Essentials

I feel like I have a lot of travel on my horizon.    Most of it is to see friends, near and far, and I couldn't be happier.  One of my most favorite things about travel is the ritual of laying out things, packing them all neatly, and picking out perfect travel outfits.  This post is about my carry-on purse/bag; the size and shape of it and what goes in it.  More posts to follow about perfect travel outfits, perfect travel luggage and how to pack for any length of time.  
The bag must be large, but not too large, and certainly CERTAINLY not too small - think goldilocks perfection here.  And it can't be too structured or narrow - room to grow, people.  I traveled once with my vintage Coach briefcase and regretted almost every moment of it because it doesn't grow. Anything more than a laptop or folder and you're pretty much donezo.  But, I loved the classic look and lines of it - i.e. it didn't look like I was carrying a plastic-pseudo-mini-tote. For size and classiness, I'm loving the below bags:
MIU MIU Large Leather Tote: Look at all that room, ladies: and if you don't have that much, it looks like it can appear narrow. I love this: $1670 at Net-A-Porter
For those who are cool with the actual "tote" look, I love this bag from Newbark. It's also priced right, too at only $695 at Net-a-Porter.  But, if you're carrying a laptop or huge amounts of cash or other valuables, the tote might not be the best idea. Beautiful Bag, though.
For a Bag to dream about, this is the $4000 Louis Vuitton GM Mahina Leather Bag. I'm swooning. This is a great shape- surely there is a something with a similar silhouette somewhere. But for now, I'm in love.


After you have the bag, it's about the stuff.  In my travel bag now is:
My computer - Obvi. Can't be without her.
My phone, another obvi. Both phone and computer in travel-friendly cases to protect against the always-apparent guy tripping over every bag in the gate area or on the airplane.
A BIG, FATTY Wallet.  This is the only thing I really take in and out of my bag in the always- horrific security line at the airport or during pit stops on the road. Pack it with everything importante. Loves it. Hobo has GREAT big wallets. Find one that's big enough for a passport and boarding pass. The above is the Lauren- Summit Walled from Hobo. Only $118 on
I also love this tromp l'oeil version of the Hobo Lauren Wallet. $128 - same place.
Fave Chapstick. By Far. Only about $3.
I'm in love with these rice paper sheets that seriously and naturally take the "plane" shine off your face. I've found them at Ulta - only $4 for 30 sheets. Amazing.
Forget gum. It's dumb. (and that rhymes - so you know it's true.) Seriously, kids, mints are the new gum. And Altoids are the best. I have an icky addiction to these - always have these!
I used to be a fan of the pashmina for travel. Huge fan. But it always seemed to sit in my bag unused OR i would use it and my neck would get unbearably warm.  I'm a total fan of the cardi now. It's like the snuggie to the pashmina.  But like a much cooler version the pashmina.  It also makes sense. I love a semi-light weight unstructured version the the one above from J.Crew, $198. 
***Stay tuned for more Travel-themed posts