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31 May 2010

Fashion Sunday.

Well folks, I'm getting back in the groove... Today is Monday, and I'm only posting 'Fashion Sunday' one day late.  Hooray!
Vogue's May 2010 issue contained an article wholly devoted to the ever-essential tote.  In saying "article," I may have overstepped the truth.  The "article" to which I refer was, in actuality, only a page.  While a worthy effort on Vogue's part, a bag so essential as the tote should not be so casually described and should contain far more examples of the bag most women cannot live without.  So, without further ado, here are far more examples of the tote than that Vogue article could ever contain:
First up are classics that should grace every woman's (or man's) closet:

the ever-simple, ever-classic, Longchamp Le Pliage Collection

kate spade's big apple bon shopper in gold and silver

Anya Hindmarch Homework Canvas Tote: So fun!

While the above bags are perfect for throwing in a few papers, a little lunch, and other everyday items, these bags below should be reserved for only the best cashmere scarves and other luxuries those who can afford these bags surely have.  The below bags are surely not just your "everyday" tote- but carry on the classic lines and style of the classic:

Burberry Fielding Leather Tote: A bit more slouchy and un-structured of a tote, but a beautiful carry-all, nonetheless

OH MY GOODNESS, Bag of my Dreams: Bottega Veneta Cocolave Crocodile Tote

Fendi Dotted leather tote: So very cool and a great spin on a classic tote!

29 May 2010

Summer with Molly

While Maggie continues to tromp around in the African Savanna, I remain in Texas with my barbri books and my littlest sister, Molly.  The other day we played around in the backyard:

She is still, of course, a bit slow-moving with that cast on her back leg.  Hopefully that is coming off soon and we can continue to have a lovely summer.

27 May 2010

Happy Birthday 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

Happy Happy 50th Birthday to one of my MOST Favorite novels of all time, To Kill A Mockingbird.  
Below is the original New York Times review of the 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.  More exciting 'Mockingbird' Tributes over the summer to come!
(I apologize for the tininess- If you download the image and zoom, it is actually readable :)

Fashion Sunday. (on Thursday)

Bar Review Blows.  Like, it is actually the worst.  I am so un-excited about the next three months.
There, I said it.
And there, I'm done with the negativity.
Because... Memorial day is quickly approaching, which marks the official start to summer, or as I often like to refer to it, the official start to wearing white again.  Because, as we all know, the archaic fashion rules that be dictate no wearing of white after Labor Day.  But, as that day lingers far off beyond the haze of summer, let us embrace wearing white!
Lilly Pulitzer makes dressing for any summer function extremely easy with the "Little White Dress" section of its website.
I am a HUGE fan of Lilly's Pearce Dress.  So cute and flirty and sweet.

I also cannot get enough of this dress with the adorable bows on the back.
Lilly's Taryn Dress
Turning to more simplified looks, it took some hunting around various websites to find the following white gems to brighten up any summer day... especially those days where studying fills each and every agenda line...

Lounge Lover's Linen-jersey Jumpsuit.  If only we could all pull off this amazing jumpsuit!
TOO Cute, James Perse Drawstring Flannel shirtdress with soft tailoring for perfect summer days.
And lastly, in honor of White and the many, many weddings that will be had in upcoming June, perhaps we should turn to the ultimate white dress- the wedding gown.  Let the Swoon-fest ensue with the following, absolutely gorgeous, effortlessly gorgeous, completely timeless, abounding luxurious gown by Vera Wang

20 May 2010

A Great Loss.

Some D-bags stole some works of art from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, located essentially in the middle of the city.
Who do they think they are?  Totes Losers.
If you frequent the black-market art market, be on the lookout for these:

Picasso's Dove with Green peas, painted in 1911
Pastoral painted by Henri Matisse in 1906

Olive Tree near l'Estaque painted by Georges Braque in 1906
Still Life with Candlestick by Fernand Leger in 1922

Woman with Fan by Modigliani (1919)

Art. In Cleveland.

I am an art lover.  I love walking through museums and having almost religious experiences when viewing exceptional works of art.  Certain paintings and sculpture have brought me to tears.  I love art.
Having grown up with a mom who studied art history, I would like to think that I'm a bit versed in fine art.  I at least have an understanding of various artists, movements, and styles.  After living in Cleveland for 3 years, I finally visited the Cleveland Museum of Art this past Saturday.
It. Was. Phenomenal.
I admit, I wasn't expecting much.  I figured that there would be perhaps a few good examples of certain movements and a few "important" pieces.  I was extraordinarily wrong.  Not only did the museum have phenomenal pieces by well-known artists, it had AMAZING examples of certain artists' individual periods; and great example pieces of certain movements.  My parents and I walked through the museum in my normal, preferred method: contemporary --> backwards in time.
Each period was amazingly curated, as seen from these examples from the museum.
Van Gogh's The Large Plane Trees (Road Meanders at Saint-Remy)

La Vie from Picasso's Blue Period:  Such a great example of Picasso's blue period AND only one of many Picasso pieces that the museum has.  Each piece clearly depicts the various periods of Picasso's life- from early, to blue, to cubism, and beyond.  Simply Marvelous.

The Dream by Dali- I usually don't like Dali works- they get a bit too surreal and weird for me, BUT this piece is soo Dali and, in my opinion, such a perfect representation of a "great" Dali work.
I urge anyone who live in Cleveland, or who passes through, to visit the museum.  Honestly, this museum is better curated than many of the museums I've been to (including those in Europe).  It's a MUST!

19 May 2010

Fashion Sunday.

First things first... This post is not meant to advocate the wearing of "comfy" clothes on a daily basis.  Typically, I try to shy away from comfy outfits because, well, let's face it, they usually lack any semblance of style.  However, now that bar review classes are upon us (me) and long commutes and long study days are the norm, I find myself putting away structured dresses and jackets and opting for something a little more "livable."
In light of these changed circumstances, let us look at comfy, yet stylish looks perfect for bar review, walking around, or just enjoying the summer:
L'Agence Jersey cross-back maxi-dress found here:

Adidas by Stella McCartney Organic jersey shorts for a truly comfortable look, found here.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Organic cotton track top found here

and of course, denim! These jeans (sans heels, of COURSE) are super great and super comfy from J. Crew, here.  They are the vintage slim jean and fit me perfectly!
As you can see, this wasn't at all my usual fashion forward post.  BUT, we don't always need over-the-top fashion- sometimes, we all need a little comfort! 

18 May 2010

Where My Bar Review Class Is Being Held

It's called Eddie Deen's.
It's right next to the Dallas Convention Center.
It is a "banquet hall."
It has a Texas theme.
There is a bar inside.
Here are some pics from the website:
The legit outside.
Picture the people removed and a bunch of tables lined up in lecture form.
The armadillos are, sadly, not there during our class.
I miss Ohio.

The Past Weekend.

Lovely Blog Followers,
My sincerest apologies for my absence over this past weekend.  I have so much to blog about, I don't know where to start.
First: Apt. 44 Finally got packed up for the movers (not as much as my parents had wished, but packed nonetheless)  Here is the SUPER SAD aftermath of "the move"
All the boxes... and then,
Nothing :(
Second: In the time between the above pictures, I graduated from Law School.  It was definitely a crazy weekend filled with going from this event to that event, seeing friends, and celebrating the end (or the beginning).  It for sure has not set in that this "Cleveland" chapter in my life is through.  Probably because I really can't face the reality that there are some people I won't be seeing every day.  Thankfully, I am certain that these friendships will not quickly fade and will continue.  I am also anxiously looking forward to certain reunion dates that are on the near horizon.  
Here are some pictures of the lovely events of the weekends.

The Parents
My Beautiful Mom
So that's the weekend... Fashion Sunday will be posted soon... Having spent the day with a billion (well, 500) recent law school graduates studying for the Texas Bar, I have MANY opinions on Texas Fashion and what may or may not have been worn at Eddie Deen's Ranch (yes, that is the real name of my bar review location).

13 May 2010

Not Justin Bieber...

In other news, what is up with all these bieber look-a-likes?  Is that hairstyle really all the rage in young adolescents?  I feel Old.

12 May 2010

Glee Has Heart.

Wow.  I just finished watching this week's episode of Glee on Hulu.  It is entitled 'Laryngitis' and all about finding your voice.
Watch it here:

This is one of the best episodes I have EVER seen of this show.  Usually, I enjoy Glee for its over-the-top musical numbers, adorable high school social mini-dramas, the voices, and lately, for the media and political jabs.  The first half of this episode absolutely lived up to my usual love of Glee.  The second half, however, reminded me that Glee has heart... and a Big one at that.
First, I'm SO SO happy that some of the "minor" characters are getting the chance to shine.  Puck and Mercedes duet was phenomenal and also an exciting and refreshing break from the pop numbers Glee has been cashing in on lately.  Kurt's solo was amazing (not to mention the Alexander McQueen scarf he was so ferociously rocking).  And Kurt's relationship with his father is so sweet and what I can only imagine is pretty true to life.  Rachel's duet with Fin's hurt friend towards the end, and the entire cast's rendition, of U2's One was epic.  I may have shed a little tear... Just like Rachel.
Best part of the entire episode?  Kurt's solo and the talk with his dad afterwards.
Best line of the entire episode?  Kurt's father telling him, "your job is to be yourself."
Perfect words to live by.  Almost perfect episode.

Be Still my Burger-Crazed Heart.

Yes. This is a candle.
Yes. It does smell like Hamburgers.
Yes. I am in love.
Since finals have ended, I have had been in a burger craze/frenzy.  Admittedly, not for fast-food burgers, and especially not for White Castle burgers, but burgers, nonetheless.  I feel like White Castle has heard my roaring cravings and has presented with this gem of a candle.  Le sigh, I want one.
Best Part about these ingenious candles?  The net proceeds go to charity- Autism Speaks.  Awesome.

News-a-Palooza Wednesday.

Goood Morning!  Coffee is brewing and the sun is up.  Today is going to be filled with packing and cleaning, but I'm totally okay with that.  But before we get to all that, let's peruse some of the news (and that little phrase will now be used on 'abounding luxe') floating around the interwebs.

First up: Not so much a news piece, but a great, great video that Heather posted on her facebook wall the other day.  It comes to us from Afghanistan, from the 1st Batallion 6th Marines.  I too often forget that, regardless of anyone's political aversion to war, there is indeed, a war being fought.  I need to be reminded that far too many soldiers are being taken from their families for long stretches of time, and that some soldiers have been taken forever.  So here is this incredible video showing our phenomenal soldiers who are too far from home

Second up: The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that S.F. cops' pasts could jeopardize convictions.  The Article claims that more than 80 city police officers have "criminal histories" that were withheld and not disclosed by the city Prosecutor's office in cases where these officers testified against defendants.  I woke up to this story on CNN this morning.  They were interviewing both a spokesperson from the DA's office and Jeff Adachi, San Francisco's Public Defender.  Things got heated.  The DA spokesperson bashed Adachi (and his office) for making a big deal out of nothing and said that this was just a drop in the bucket of motions that are filed day in/day out that clog up prosecution and hinders their office.  (AL opinion: see now, this whole filing of motions is not to hinder prosecution, but to make sure everyone gets a fair trial.)  Adachi was adamant that this evidence should be turned over to defense teams under the auspices of Brady v. Maryland and because of previous crime lab tampering on some of those in the SF Police Dept. (AL opinion: I understand where Adachi is coming from in some cases, and I'm certain that there are some "dirty" cops, BUT- is a widespread look into every officer's past ok? Is it really relevant? Material? Exculpatory? I don't know.)  Read the whole story here:  Photo from Suzuki Lea/The Chronicle.

Last Up: The nomination of Elena Kagan to replace Stevens Supreme Court seat.  Everyone knew she was on the short list.  Apparently she's a brilliant legal mind (Obama says one of the best in the Country) but, has never served as a judge.  She's the first in nearly four decades who would join the bench without prior judicial experience.  Admittedly, I don't know much about her.  I was kind of pulling for Diane Wood based on her record as a phenomenal (in my opinion) judge on the 7th Circuit bench.  In order for us all to learn a bit more about Kagan, let's read this list of news outlets' early opinions on the Nomination:
This last link is my fave, of course.  Enjoy reading.  Enjoy your coffee!  More fun posts to come later in the day.


My Goodness is this a great video! Enjoy!

11 May 2010

Diamonds! Jewels! and Rings, OH MY!

Sigh... it's been a rough day.  But, do you know what makes bad days better?  Antique Jewelry.  For the past hour, I've been perusing Christie's and feeling infinitely better than I did just a few hours ago.
How could these pieces not make even the worst of things better?
An early 19th century gold and silver-mounted amethyst and diamond cluster ring- Lot 256;
Only $1700! (I say only because I know what is to come)

An Important Coloured Diamond Ring by Van Cleef and Arpels; Lot 2364;
Estimated around $300,000

For sale at Paris Auction; Estimated at up to $150,000.
Everyone, let's have a collective "le sigh"

10 May 2010

Thank Goodness for Great Girlfriends!

"Never forget the days I spent with you. 
Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."
---Ludwig Van Beetho

It's doesn't happen everyday that someone full of passion and love and life enters yours.  I met Heather during her first week of law school.  I was a 2L and she was a baby 1L.  Throughout that first year, we did a bunch of political stuff and travelled to many fundraisers together.  This past semester, we have become bonkers close.  I'm pretty sure that we are a rare breed of women.  We are fiercely independent, have huge hearts, and live with reckless abandon.  We live and love passionately.  Heather, you make me know that's it's okay to be exactly like we are.  I have loved our dinners and never-ending chats!  I hope the conversations never end!
I have a draft blog post that I wrote a few weeks ago entitled, 'Why Heather is the Strongest Woman I know.'  Heather's fiance is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  I have absolutely no idea how she is able to live and do law school everyday.  Her strength is phenomenal and enviable.  I'm pretty sure there is no way I could do what she does- heck, i broke down in front of her just thinking about it.
Heather, I am extremely sad that I'm not going to see your face everyday anymore.  But, I cannot wait to celebrate your marriage with you in the spring, and hopefully I will see you in Europe before then! :)  I love you so much and feel that my life is fuller because you are in it!

09 May 2010

Goodbye, Apartment 44.

Until I moved into my current apartment, I had been moving every 9 months for the past 4 years.  As many college students are aware, graduating from high school and going to school is often more about living out of the same 5 u-haul boxes as you move from dorm to dorm/ apartment to college apartment... oh yes, and back home or to an internship every summer.  During my last year of college, I forewent the boxes, but packed up two (maybe three) suitcases and moved to London for the year.  After that year I moved to Cleveland, and then the next year to my current apartment in Cleveland.  I'm exhausted just retyping it.  All that to say, is that for the past TWO! years, I've lived in Apartment 44.  It's been the longest time I've lived in one place since pre-college.  It's an adorable little studio with a closet even Carrie Bradshaw would love.   I'm definitely going to miss this little nest and am definitely a little nervy as I pack, because I have NO idea where I will be unpacking these boxes next year (or the year after)...
In honor of Apt. 44's memory, I'll post these pictures of happier times, when she wasn't consumed with boxes, and when the rugs were on the floor and all the pictures were hung.

You may be asking yourself how the desk that was in the previous picture got over here: I may or may not be a bit of a "nester" extraordinaire.  I have to constantly keep changing things around: the above picture is the most recent incarnation of the Apartment Layout.
Totes miss you already, 44.