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23 March 2011

22 March 2011

NEW Favorite Lunch

This Amazing salad was my dinner last night and lunch today and will probably be so until I get tired of it.
Romaine Hearts, chopped
 Cherry Tomatoes
Cooked Cous Cous
Crumbled Feta
Oil and Vinegar (or Oil and Vinegar Dressing)

17 March 2011

Buy This Immediately

Omg, Perf. They have made a sorbet that tastes like Texas Heaven.

15 March 2011

White House

This week I'm moving. Ish. I have been working a bit far from my current home and have been commuting, but the constant driving started to take it's toll on me. So, I'll be staying in a room of a wonderful old 1920's house during the week and only driving once a week (cue angels' hallelujahs). The most exciting part is clothing a new bed. (yes, clothing.) I've opted for all white (inspired by the following images and linens) and cannot wait to set it up tomorrow.

06 March 2011


Happy Sunday! I hope you all are enjoying this perfect day! After thursday, this day is my absolute favorite day of the week, and thankfully, seems to stretch on forever. Today I'm busy
creating budding branch floral arrangements,
watching basketball,
baking muffin-scones, and
perusing Paris Fashion-week designers' spring collections:
Paul and Joe's Savoure floral-print playsuit, $540 net-a-porter
Chloe's Marcie Large Leather Tote, $1820 net-a-porter
Chloe Pleated silk-crepe dress,  $2115, net-a-porter
Yves Saint Laurent Belted satin-jersey one-shouldered gown, $2350 net-a-porter
Yves Saint Laurent Clover-print silk shirt dress, $2490 net-a-porter
Yves Saint Laurent Fake Chic crystal ring, $795 net-a-porter
Vanessa Bruno printed woven silk maxi dress, $1115 net-a-porter
...After seeing blooming trees all week and these spring fashions, I am so super excited for spring. (Note: this excitement will soon fade into a strong and unflinching hate for spring and summer and sun and warm temperatures and allergies and the like.)