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02 April 2013

A Store!

Gather 'round, friends! I have started a new (very small) venture! I love collecting vintage finds and during my last move, I realized I may have too many things for one home. So, I have put all the amazing, wonderful things I can not fit into my home online, for sale. Visit my etsy store, Found and Loved here and do share with your friends! Let's make beautiful homes, people!

01 April 2013

Just a Little Project...

Hi Friends!  It's been quite busy around here lately. Having a little extra time on my hands, I decided to embark upon a reupholstery project of the utmost difficulty. Ever my father's daughter, my interest was immediately heightened when I noticed a lonely, ugly chair outside a neighbor's apartment.  I gathered my strength and knocked, but there was, sadly, no answer.  I thought all hope was lost, but later, I ran into her and asked what this poor chair's story was. She said she was about to throw it away and I was welcome to have it for a project. !!! So, I began. Here is what the poor chair looked like before and during "demolition." I'll post the first steps of the painting and reupholstering tomorrow along with other decorating posts inspired by my new space!

This is a preview of the horrific fabric that adorned the chair pre-re-upholstery

More ripped ugly fabric

This was literally what the chair looked like when I brought it home. For some reason, I took the picture in Black and White - perhaps I realized that this was a sad, sad moment for this chair.

At this point of removing staples and fabric and foam I needed some wine. Obvi.

She's staring to look better here. But, at this point, I realized that the foam should probably be replaced, too. 
...And right before refinishing the wood, this is what the lovely chair looked like. 
Tune in tomorrow (or soon) for the rest of the project details.

27 November 2012

It's Time... For a New Watch

I haven't worn a watch regularly for probably over a year.  Between sitting at a computer all day with a clock on the screen and constantly checking my phone, I haven't really needed a watch.  But the other day, I happened to notice that all the "adults" around me wear watches, and it looked really great.  Today, I put an old watch on and I really feel as though it completes my outfit.  So I started browsing for a great watch to wear on a daily basis and found these that I needed to share with you.
Movado Vintage Silver and "Gold" Stainless Steel Museum Watch
($695 at Bluefly, Retail $995)
image here
Michael Kors Mid-Size Golden Stainless Steel and Tortoise Bradshaw Chronograph Watch
(Pre-Order $275 here)
(Men's Timex 1600 Watch at J.Crew)

Non-Smoking Smoking Slippers

Gosh, I want some smoking slippers.  Perhaps it's the fact that the word slipper is in the title, but I that can totally wear them out that makes me love these.  They are so fancy and comfy at the same time!  Every time I wear heels (read approximately twice a month), I realize I need to invest in more "power-flats." Loving these:

18 October 2012

Make a Statement

(image from here)
(glossing over the fact that it has been exactly one year since I last posted)
I realize this trend is not super new, but I am in serious love with Statement necklaces and huge bracelets.  I have been seeing them everywhere forever and really REALLY "need" to get my hands on a few several to wear with everything. This fall, if you see me without one of these accessories  something has gone horribly wrong. Enjoy these beautiful pieces I want to add to my Jewelry Box-
(from j.crew $150)
(from j.crew $150)
(from j.crew $98)

(from j.crew $95)
(from stella&dot $118)
(from stella&dot $118)
(from stella&dot $98)

17 October 2011

Recent Loves

It has been over a month since I blogged.  If you knew how much was getting accomplished at work though, you'd be proud... no? Yeah, not as fun.  This is a short post to get back into the swing of things, but I had to share some of the most amazing things I can't get enough of lately:

Creamy VEGAN! Avocado Pasta from this chick;

I was doing so well coming off my Starbucks-coconut-syrup high, and then I found this drink... I liked La Croix water before this.  Now, I love it;
And I LOOOVE drinking my La Croix in my Starbucks cold-cup. I am rarely without it.
Still LOVING my bi-weekly Pilates class.  Even when work is bonkers, I shut my door (proverbially, until my office is finished) at 5 to get to the Y and in class before 5:30.  Seriously can't go without it.
My Apple Magic Trackpad at Work... this gadget has totally revolutionized how much fun working can be. 
Parenthood is on Netflix.  Heaven help my productivity.
Have a Great, Great Week! I'm off to ... work 

01 September 2011

Wise Words

"Out of the recent troubled years of tax reduction and budget slashing has come a new consciousness of this principle: If our communities are to support a forward-looking program of free public education, they must be told what the schools are doing for the children..." generalities are not enough, readers want to know what has been done and what can be done."
-J. Erle Grinnell 1937