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27 November 2012

It's Time... For a New Watch

I haven't worn a watch regularly for probably over a year.  Between sitting at a computer all day with a clock on the screen and constantly checking my phone, I haven't really needed a watch.  But the other day, I happened to notice that all the "adults" around me wear watches, and it looked really great.  Today, I put an old watch on and I really feel as though it completes my outfit.  So I started browsing for a great watch to wear on a daily basis and found these that I needed to share with you.
Movado Vintage Silver and "Gold" Stainless Steel Museum Watch
($695 at Bluefly, Retail $995)
image here
Michael Kors Mid-Size Golden Stainless Steel and Tortoise Bradshaw Chronograph Watch
(Pre-Order $275 here)
(Men's Timex 1600 Watch at J.Crew)

Non-Smoking Smoking Slippers

Gosh, I want some smoking slippers.  Perhaps it's the fact that the word slipper is in the title, but I that can totally wear them out that makes me love these.  They are so fancy and comfy at the same time!  Every time I wear heels (read approximately twice a month), I realize I need to invest in more "power-flats." Loving these: