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02 April 2013

A Store!

Gather 'round, friends! I have started a new (very small) venture! I love collecting vintage finds and during my last move, I realized I may have too many things for one home. So, I have put all the amazing, wonderful things I can not fit into my home online, for sale. Visit my etsy store, Found and Loved here and do share with your friends! Let's make beautiful homes, people!

01 April 2013

Just a Little Project...

Hi Friends!  It's been quite busy around here lately. Having a little extra time on my hands, I decided to embark upon a reupholstery project of the utmost difficulty. Ever my father's daughter, my interest was immediately heightened when I noticed a lonely, ugly chair outside a neighbor's apartment.  I gathered my strength and knocked, but there was, sadly, no answer.  I thought all hope was lost, but later, I ran into her and asked what this poor chair's story was. She said she was about to throw it away and I was welcome to have it for a project. !!! So, I began. Here is what the poor chair looked like before and during "demolition." I'll post the first steps of the painting and reupholstering tomorrow along with other decorating posts inspired by my new space!

This is a preview of the horrific fabric that adorned the chair pre-re-upholstery

More ripped ugly fabric

This was literally what the chair looked like when I brought it home. For some reason, I took the picture in Black and White - perhaps I realized that this was a sad, sad moment for this chair.

At this point of removing staples and fabric and foam I needed some wine. Obvi.

She's staring to look better here. But, at this point, I realized that the foam should probably be replaced, too. 
...And right before refinishing the wood, this is what the lovely chair looked like. 
Tune in tomorrow (or soon) for the rest of the project details.