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30 June 2011


An office-mate came up with the above term.  I'm fully embracing it.  And pushing the limits of Office-appropriate wear.  I feel a little like I'll be in Liz Lemon's shoes and confessing to Oprah one day in first class that yes, I actually did wear a romper to work once.  Here goes my justification:
1. This is the actual Romper:
Classy, Right?
2. I got it in the size up so it actually looks a little more like a dress
3. It looks like a dress
4. I'll be wearing a cardigan.
5. I work in an Annex apart from the Main Office.
6. I'm not going to be seeing any clients tomorrow
7. It's my Birthday on Saturday
8. It's July 4th on Monday, and Gosh-darnit, I should be free to wear a romper to work.
9. I really want to wear it, AND
10. Tomorrow is Romper Thursday.

Seriously, folks.  Don't dare me to wear something.  (Looking at you, "I bet you can't wear a tie and not look like a lesbian" dare. xoxo Christopher)

29 June 2011

Casual Friday

This post is lazy.  I admit it.  I'll give you the background.  I'm totally in love with the the jcrew "catalog" look right now.  As in, messy bun, pale makeup, red lips, "mad men" eyewear, and men's inspired clothing.  Seriously in love.  As in, I wear that look every day.  I'm so in love with it I fear sometimes that I'll be the equivalent of one of those ladies still sporting the winged hair look in 2011 and trying to convince everyone it really is cool.  Keep me in check, Maggie. Seriously.
So, when I logged in to Gilt post insane-nauseating-workout, the "Casual Friday" section caught me and alleviated the pain for a swift moment. This is why:
Cardi, CHECK, red lips, CHECK, awesome eyewear, CHECK, Adorb trousers, CHECK
I essentially wore this outfit today.
No Lies. 
Except I had these Kate Spade trousers on:

Kate Spade pants

Be inspired for your Casual Friday!  It's only 2 Days AWAY!!!!

12 June 2011

a New Desk

I stayed out in East Texas this weekend to work and get a lot of outstanding errands done; including, finding a desk for my East Texas "week-home." Cue the party because I found the Perfect desk. I'm not talking 80% of what I was looking for, I'm talking about EXACTLY what I was looking for.  A while back, I almost settled for this desk at west elm:
I liked the clean lines and the metal, but it looked too new for me, too much like I just went to an urban furniture store and picked something "cool" out; which, is exactly what it would have been.  So, I didn't spend the $400 and held out, hoping that something truly exciting, old, classy, and industrial would appear.  Lo, and behold, Ethel's Treasure Quest in Tyler, TX had EXACTLY what I wanted:
These pictures really aren't doing it justice. Actually, it may just be the room it's in- not my choice of paint color or hardwood color, BUT ignore these things, readers and focus on the desk. The AMAZING black iron base with clean lines and a bit of fancy shape and the PERFECTION of the slate top. It doesn't get more industrially perfect than this!

Isn't that slate amazing? 
AND, one of the best parts of the new desk is that I found it in Tyler, which means, city folk that it was ABSURDLY cheap. Seriously, I would have paid at least $500 for this piece in some Dallas and Houston stores, but out here in East Texas, I got this amazing piece (the WHOLE thing) for only $125.  And seriously, Ethel's is awesome. Check her out if you are ever out here!

11 June 2011

R.I.P., Molly

Today, my parents came to the very hard decision with our vet that our beloved Molly-dog should be put to sleep.  What made it easier was knowing that it was the best decision and remembering the AMAZING 17 years she was the PERFECT dog...

10 June 2011