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26 September 2010

Fashion Sunday.

Oh Fall, I love you so - mostly cloudy skies, a chill in the air, the need for long-sleeved t-shirts and chai lattes.  Fall has come fast and furiously to the Dallas area and I couldn't be happier.  I'm SO excited about upcoming sweater weather, falling leaves, jackets, coats, buffalo plaid, etc., etc.
In light of the change-of-weather and my next-weekend plans to explore Canton (on what will hopefully be a perfect fall day), I provide my thoughts on the perfect fall outfit.  BUT, not for women, for men.  My reasons for which include watching the last 3rd season episode of Mad Men (where Don looks absolutely dashing in a sweater/oxford combo) and the fact that I haven't done a men's post in a long time.  So here goes: my idea of the perfect men's casual outfit for fall weather:
Quote from Website: "The jean that made denim famous by the brand that made jeans legendary"... so true.  I also like the vintage-slim pair below in a vintage, worn-in wash, also from J.Crew, $96:
I am IN LOVE with the Informal Collection by Thomas Pink, especially this shirt for fall.
There are perfect sweaters, cardigans, and jackets to top off a classic pair of jeans.
For even Cooler weather, I LOVE this jacket from Rugby:

The University Fleece Toggle Coat, $178 at

Rag Rugs

After I posted my last post about Men's Fall Fashion, I looked over at my blog reel and saw that my FAVE design blog's, desire to inspire, most recent post was on rag rugs.  The name of this quirky and country cottage favorite does not do it justice.  In fact, the name "rag rug" is quite a turn-off.  For anyone out there that reads this, let's think of another name for this adorable and wonderful floor covering... but, I digress.  In efforts to become more "earth-friendly," I have begun to repurpose "old" things.  First on my agenda was a way to repurpose old t-shirts into something useful.  Earlier, during the summer, I made a quilt from t-shirts that had been given to me over the years.  But, I still had several t-shirts that, frankly, weren't cute enough to be saved... they were, however, perfect to be cut into yarn that would be crocheted into a rag rug.  Last summer, while living in Austin, my friend Polly was making a rug out of her old college t-shirts and the finished product, which she posted a picture of on her facebook, was AMAZING.  So, I delved into my own project.  I'm not very far in, but I am super excited about the finished project.  AND even more super excited about all the decorating ideas desire to inspire gave me for displaying my own work.  Check out their entire post; these are my favorites:

25 September 2010

New Obsession... And Project.

For some time, I have thought about amassing mounted deer, elk, and moose heads for my future home.  I find them beautiful, interesting, and, ultimately, ironic- given my usual design preference for new meets old, with a touch of quirk.  On second thought, maybe it's not so ironic.  However, as I strive to become more animal-friendly, this
just doesn't ring "animal-friendly."  But, something even more simply wonderful has come along and replaced my desire for "real" mounted animal heads.  While browsing the anthropologie website the other day, I found these marvelous papier mache animal head wall hangings:

The problem, however, is that I'm not really looking for an African Motif (at least right now).  I'm loving the papier mache, though.  So, I began browsing for papier mache deer heads.  Lo and behold, with one google search, I stumbed upon this Etsy Website.  Ruby's Lounge makes the most AMAZING papier mache animal heads in a variety of colors, patterns, and species.

Here is my favorite:

Font Love @ Ruby's Lounge $335

I am now super inspired to take a crack at making one of these myself.  After I post this, I'm about to search through the garage for some old, very pliable, fencing wire to start making the form.  I'll post updates as I go... or, if the whole thing doesn't work, I'll just buy one of the creations at Ruby's Lounge!
Have a great Saturday! 


24 September 2010

Purple Part Two

The other day I wrote about deep, lovely shades of purple for the home.
Today, I write about purple for people.  Beautiful, dark, sumptuous shades of plum and violet on anything and everything from silk blouses to purple watches!  These perfectly colored treats make me long for a chai latte and foggy London weather.
J.Crew's Betsey Wrap Cami in dark plum: Select Colors now $40
J.Crew Silk and Sequin scoop-neck tee in dark Plum: $148
I MUST Acquire this NOW!!!
J.Crew Double-cloth Colletta coat: $298: SWOON!
American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings in Eggplant: $26
YSL Muse large leather tote in (TO DIE FOR) Violet Patent Leather: at Net-A-Porter, $1350
Michael Kors Chonograph Watch: $195 @ Net-A-Porter

Alexander McQueen Cashmere and silk-blend sweater dress: At Net-A-Porter $1095

OMG! This beautifully-colored, perfectly constructed, excitingly original mini dress is by Versace.
Versace Wool Tank Dress with patent leather trim@ Net-A-Porter $1695
...and because nothing will top this dress today, this post is done.
Happy Friday

18 September 2010

Currently Reading

I wrote a post earlier this summer about my then-current read.  A few weeks ago, I finished American Original, Justice Antonin Scalia's Biography.  It was a great read, and I can't wait to read Joan Biskupic's Sandra Day O'Connor Biography.  But, that will have to wait because I'm currently reading two other great books that are in my never-ending, ever-growing list of books to read.

First, I started Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie before last semester law school finals had started.  But it never got read because then came finals, and then came the bar exam, but once again I am reunited with this fantastic book.  I was introduced to it by a friend who only reads non-fiction books, but found it as interesting as a novel.  It's the real-life, no-frills, true-story of the last Russian Tsar and his family.  Apart from the 90's movie, Anastasia, I didn't know anything about the Romanovs... but this book lays out everything.  I get so lost in it sometimes, I forget that these are real people, real lives, and very real tragedies.

The second book on my nightstand and in my train-travel bag is The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  I was told about this book by a good friend who is a certifiable foodie and was introduced again to it by the AMAZING documentary Food, Inc. (which absolutely changed the way I eat and think about food - it's a must-watch for all).  I'm only a little ways in, but I think the message is already clear: do you know where your food comes from?  Sadly, I think most of us don't.  I'm definitely excited about this book and will update with thoughts of wisdom from it.

So, that's what I'm reading- what are you reading?

16 September 2010

Sugarplum Palette

I am in no circumstance where it is at all feasible to be thinking about furniture, paint colors and linens... but here I am, longing about amassing glossy deep purple furniture in a charcoal-colored room.  Or deep violet walls and grey bedding.  Or any combination of anything deep purple and grey.  Once again I am longing for colors and themes of much cooler seasons than those outside my window.  But, how can you not when things like this dance around like sugarplums in my head... oooooh, sugarplum....
Ralph Lauren Paint in Embassy Purple (above), other vibrant hues here

Perfectly luxe Italian Cypress Paisley Bedding @ Restoration hardware in fog

Purple Gloss Kitchen... swoon... at

Purple Rosette Quilt at Anthropologie $48-$268

Coralie Bed in a beautiful charcoal color - at Anthropologie $1998 - $2398
And Violet Latte Bowls, also from Anthropologie.  Reasonably Priced at $20/4
AMAZING Grey/Charcoal Walls (photos from here)

Deep Purple Painted Door on charcoal brick house - Welcome to Fall/Winter Palette (Image from here)

11 September 2010

Casual Friday... Casual Workplace

Casual Friday has got me in a Tizzy.
In fact, many outfits people choose to wear to work every day have me in a Tizzy.
Perhaps it's because I've been watching my way through seasons of 'Mad Men' as of late, but in my opinion, the workplace is supposed to exude professionalism and a certain air of formality.  I realize I may be behind on the times.  I realize that "causal" is the new norm for most Americans.  But, when did this happen?  Why did this happen?  Am I the only one who's in a Tizzy?
I favor pastel suits and hats at church to jeans and shorts;  I favor tailored suits over rayon dresses;  I favor any other shoe choice over flip flops.
I guess I may be alone.
But in my high hopes that perhaps one person reads this and feels the same way, let's embrace on this Saturday Morning a more professional and formal way to wear denim... and at least give a little to this American insistence on "casual-ism." (at all price points)

Loving this because of the dark wash, mid-rise, and straight leg.  Looks great on Many Shapes and Sizes

Gap's Curvy Jeans (in over-dyed black wash) $59.50
Loving this for curvy body shapes.  Love this wash because it's almost trouser-like.
Loving this for the low price-tag.

Banana Republic Trouser Dark Wash Jean $89.50
Love this because it fits like a Trouser and is in a dark, professional wash.

Seven for All Mankind Standard Pleated Trousers in a Dark Wash $189
Loving this because it's fashion-forward, but has a classic touch.  Great wash.

Also check out these great pants: