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23 February 2011


In my New Year's post, I talked about eating more mindfully and responsibly. During the past few months, every time I drank coffee, I felt yucky and sluggish and recently made the switch to green tea. Cue the angel's song. I had never LOVED green tea before. I think I saw seeping a tea bag in a cup of boiling water as more of a hassle than brewing a pot of coffee. Something about one cup vs. 8... I was wrong. It's easier, duh. And it gives me so much more energy and makes me feel infinitely better than a cup of coffee ever has. The trick is only steeping the tea for 60 seconds and trying a few brands before you find a green tea you love. I have two to recommend:
For every morning, I love Stash's premium green tea. You can get it anywhere and it's reasonably priced.

For something a little different, I love Tazo's Refresh Green Tea - green tea with a hint of peppermint. Super Delish.

14 February 2011

Loving Love

I love love. Ergo, I love days that celebrate love. Ergo, I love valentine's day. Ergo, I am dedicating this blog to all love and love-inspired things (and the occasional red side table or random thing that really doesn't outwardly have anything to do with love other than the fact that i love it). Celebrate love today! 
West Elm's Hearts for Haiti - 10% of the Proceeds go to the HAND/EYE fund
Sweetheart Bib Necklace, Anthropologie $398
Lucky Number Knob, Anthropologie, $8

AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Pop silver-gilded heart necklace, $885, net-a-porter
Bright Morning Teapot, Anthropologie, $128

Diane von Furstenberg Striped knitted sweater, $245, net-a-porter

Jimmy Choo Rosabel grained-leather tote, $1750, net-a-porter
Tall Order Giraffe, Anthropologie, $30
Amazon, $13

10 February 2011


There's something about keys that I'm drawn to time and time again. I must clarify, though, that my obsession is not new. It is well documented in 'Alix's Baby Book' that my first word was, in fact, key. Although I have no memory of the momentous occasion when my mouth first formed the word key, the word and symbol clearly made an impression in my mind. My recent (newly-awakened) love affair started approximately 18 months ago when I first discovered these:
Tiffany's collection of keys knocked my socks off. It was the perfect combination of cool elegance, understated beauty and timeless design. The key on the far left was featured in 'Alix's Christmas List 2009' and (thankfully) was given to me by my parents that year. I wear it often and still LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Last spring I got my first tattoo. And while I had known since 2006 that I wanted the word 'trust' somewhere in my tattoo, the key was a (relatively) last-minute decision (But, nonetheless, a great decision).  
And so, the moral of this is, I Love Keys. Here's some more key-spiration.
Beautiful necklace from ghostlovejewelry
from Bohman, flickr
Tangles Antique Skeleton Key Necklace from DreamingSquid
Key Wall Hook Solid Black, Cast Iron by FourRDesigns
Personalized Old Fashioned Key Dessert Set for Two by happiestdaysdesign
Vintage Keys, Set of 7: Pottery Barn 

08 February 2011

Pass the Chalk

I'm in love with chalkboards (I admit, this may be because I just installed one in my bedroom). They are quintessentially perfect for note-writing, inspiration-drawing, and idea-sketching. These people below agree. Be Inspired!



Muy Yum

Smithsonian Institution
(all above images from flickr, credit given following photo)


04 February 2011

McQueen McBeautiful

The Alexander McQueen collection currently on Net-A-Porter is making my heart simply pitter-patter. It is the definition of modern elegance. I wish I could own all of the following pieces:
Cowl-neck Crepe Wool Dress, $2395
Structured-shoulder crepe blazer, $1920
Wide-leg crepe pants, $765

No Lie, If I was getting married in the next year, I would be wearing this dress.
Strapless silk-chiffon dress, $3195

Cape-back crepe dress, $2395
Images and prices from Net-A-Porter

03 February 2011