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09 April 2011


I ascribe to the following two fashion ideals: 1. neutral solids are beautiful, timely and classic; and 2. if you're going to do prints, DO. PRINTS.  So, when I came across the "Mixed Prints" Sale on Gilt, I swooned.  Hard, ya'll.  I am currently planning out my wardrobe for the following week and scouring my closet for all the prints I own that can be coordinated into eye-concoctions based on these lovely outfits:
Yarnz Tie-Dye Scarf

Yarnz Neo Zebra Scarf

Reem Acra Jumpsuit

Rebecca Minkoff Clutch

Ali Ro Dress

Piazza Sempione Printed Woven Silk Trench

Bag by Carlos Falchi
Cynthia Rowley Dress

All Images and Designs at the Gilt Sale Shop

06 April 2011


Per usual, I've made a diet change during the midst of something stressful (remember Vegetarianism while waiting for Bar Results?).  Vegetarianism has worked amazingly well I must say.  I've been Vegetarian for about 7 1/2 months.  I don't crave meat, I feel good most of the time and I feel very happy that I'm able to stick to a diet that I feel is socially responsible.
But this Vegan thing? It may be for the birds, kids.  Unlike my descent into Vegetarianism, the Vegan decision is a temporary thing. 5 days, in fact. To (a) see if I can do it (undecided) and (b) to see if it makes me feel "cleaner" and "purer."
Yesterday was the first day. I ate chips and salsa. And sorbet. And Vegetables in a Tortilla.
Not TOO shabby.
Today for lunch I had my usual at McAlister's - a veggie pita.  BUT, instead of delicious mac and cheese or soup, I went with the fruit cup AND because ranch dressing has milk in it, I went with a balsamic vinaigrette.
I don't like balsamic vinegar.
Like, kind of hate it.
Unless I'm really in the mood for it.
I wasn't really in the mood today.
I also went to the grocery store after work. And when I realized that my 5-day Vegan diet would not allow for road cheese, I almost (a) cried in the cheese aisle, and (b) gave up... in that order.
Seriously, though, this was the most interesting grocery store adventure ever. And Long.  SO MUCH STUFF HAS DAIRY IN IT.  I also felt like a total idiot asking the lady at the bakery counter if she had any vegan desserts. She clearly gave me the Oh-you're-from-the-city-you-liberal-hippy-vegan-monster look. I guess they don't get that many requests for vegan desserts in East Texas. I ended up buying 2 apples, hummus, pita, romaine, cherry tomatoes, olive oil vinaigrette, and dark chocolate.  I'm 90% sure none of the above has dairy in it.  Ok, 80% sure.
So we'll see how this goes.  I'm eating hummus and pita right now abd craving cheese cubes. I assume cheese cravings with be the theme of this week. Along with the theme of working long hours and making huge life decisions.  Again, per usual.
Thanks for the Image, VeggieBarn.Net

05 April 2011

A ship in a harbor is safe...

... but that's not what ships are for.

Alert. This post is neither fashion nor decor related. No overt light-heartedness today, folks. Today (or next week, rather) is decision making time.  I was extended an offer to join the 2011 Teach for America Corps in the Mississippi Delta.  "Wait, wait," you say, "didn't she go to law school, take the TEXAS bar exam, and start doing Oil and Gas law recently?"  Yes Missy, I did.  And now I must make a BIG decision.  Do I stay with the firm at which I'm currently working doing the kind of work I went to law school for?  OR do I take a gigantic risk, move to Mississippi/Arkansas, and teach Mathematics?  Do I stick with comfort and status quo or do I take a leap of faith and follow a dream?  I'm sure by that comparison you can already tell which way I'm leaning.  But I'm scared.  If I choose the risk, I'm going to take a pay cut. I'm going to move somewhere I never thought I'd live.  It'll be hard.  Like, really hard.
And, as I ponder which next steps I'll take, I'm reminded of the President's words:
“Over the next ten years… we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math."  Wasn't I just offered the chance to be one of those teachers?
But what about my law degree?  And what about the fact that I'm good at being a lawyer?  Am I, as some in the law profession told me, throwing my law career away?
I mean, I didn't go to law school with some warm, feel-good, fuzzy feeling to change the world.  In fact, as the debt started growing, I thought that I better had get a good, high-paying job to pay off my "house" of loans.  But I found happiness in helping out the accused, the victims, and those no one else helped out.  I worked my tail off, for free, throughout law school at various government offices and a free legal clinic.  And I LOVED it.  Because I have a passion for people and I want a career that makes my soul feel good. 
So, folks.  I'm 50/50 now. Not leaning one way or the other, but more like leaning both ways. I'm like 80/80. And I'm praying for wisdom...
This nation was built by men who took risks - pioneers who were not afraid of the wilderness, business men who were not afraid of failure, scientists who were not afraid of the truth, thinkers who were not afraid of progress, dreamers who were not afraid of action. ~Brooks Atkinson
Thanks for the Image, BBC

04 April 2011

Spring is for Shoes

...Well, perhaps not. In Texas especially, spring (and spring-like-weather) is more often associated with no-shoes than with. Even though the title of this post may be a bit "wrong," the shoes I've listed below most certainly are not "wrong." In fact, these shoes are espadrilles - i.e. made for spring. I love love love these shoes for the kind of perfect weather that is upon us down South! I want to pair these with structured, but summery dresses, light cashmere sweaters, and huge-brimmed hats... and a margarita on the rock.
Barca Soludos, $28
Found Here
Striped canvas and lambskin espadrille
by Chanel, found here
Lanvin Satin ankle-wrap espadrille, $435
Found here
Tom's Silver Morocco Women's Classics, $54
Found Here
Sardinia Wedge, $118
 at J.Crew